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Are you a champion of a child with unique developmental and behavioral needs?  Would you like to have the confidence to help

your child successfully navigate the challenges of home, school

and community life?  




As a pediatric occupational therapist, consultant, and coach helping  children to sleep, eat, toilet, dress, move, play and learn is my specialty. Supporting parents, educators, and therapists is my passion.

Our Programs

The great questions of raising and educating children with diverse abilities and challenges can sometimes seem daunting. Will your child ever eat more than three foods that are not orange?  Will he learn to bathe, dress, and toilet himself ? When she goes to school will she be able to sit long enough to learn?  Will they ever make friends? Don't let these questions keep you up at night !  With skill, creativity, and humor you can turn your child's skills and challenges into opportunities to take the next step in fulfilling their potential. Create the support that's right for you and your child  with a combination of coaching, courses, and community.  

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Sharpen your detective skills, build your grab bag of strategies, and experiment to find creative solutions with our interactive, practical classes presented in a variety of  formats  for parents and educators



Connect and Engage!  Become a part of the We Play2Grow membership program with access to private discussion groups, monthly live chats, and a growing selection of courses developed to respond to our members



Therapists !  Dedicate more time to kids and less time to documentation. Translate your assessments into individualized objectives, track your child's daily progress, and create professional reports with Move Play Grow  Perfect for clinics, schools and private practices. 

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Deborah Ferguson MHS OTR/L
Occupational Therapist, 


All children can be more independent, calm and happy. How do I know this ? As a therapist, consultant, and coach I have spent more than 35 years translating the latest research in child development into helping parents, therapists, and educators support the children they love.  This keeps me busy playing, and learning interesting new things to share. At We Play To Grow we are building a combination of coaching, courses and community to support each other in the journey of raising, educating, and celebrating children with diverse needs.   

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