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What's Coming in 2023 ?

OK I know that Coming Soon Pages can be frustrating - but hey - I'm excited about my plans and want to share !  As you read this I am happily engaged in creating a range of practical classes in a variety of formats designed for busy parents and professionals who are helping their children learn, play and grow. 


Want to enhance your child's play skills?  Struggling with toileting, bedtime, or mealtime routines? Want to create an environment that supports learning and play? Keep your your eyes open - there will be something coming up for you !  You will be able to access free resources on You Tube, sign up for individual on demand classes or consider a WePlay2Grow membership that includes access to classes, community support, monthly QA and live events.  

In 2022 these plans have been gestating.  So what is my estimated delivery time?   May 2023 !  I am looking forward to collaborating with you !



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