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Move Play Grow ©

An occupational therapy inspired pediatric  Electronic Data Record

Move Play Grow© is your resource for designing program goals and tracking progress for clinical and functional objectives addressing movement, sensory processing, emotional regulation, play, and self-care tasks for your pediatric clients. The more than 200 templates included in MPG© are drawn from the wide variety of developmental perspectives that inform occupational therapy and align well with the various ways that therapists clinically think about and measure progress.


Using Move Play Grow© you can:

  • Easily translate your assessment results into individualized treatment programs with measurable goals that you can share with parents and professionals 

  • Set up a program, track data from each session, and quickly create daily treatment notes and customized reports that communicate your child’s progress.

  • Create and assign programs specifically to parents, educators, classroom paraprofessionals, interventionists, and occupational therapy students for whom you provide consultation and/or supervision. Program templates include suggestions for materials, intervention options, and the ability to add video and program instruction.


Move Play Grow© includes over 200 customizable program templates and goals in the following skill categories:


Feeding                                                         Dressing

Fine Motor Prehension and Manipulation    Fine Motor Developmental Tasks

Fine Motor Functional Tasks 

Visual Motor

Regulation of Emotions and Behavior           Play

Balance and Locomotion                              Balance and Postural Control 

Bilateral Coordination and Sequencing        Sensory Discrimination                           

Sensory Sensitivity


Navigating Challenging Environments         Executive Functions

These program templates come with hundreds of target goals that you can assign and customize to meet your clients’ individual needs. The UnitusTI platform also gives you the flexibility to design and create your own custom programs and templates to meet the unique needs of your program.

Document progress each session quickly and with a click of a button create reports for parents, educators, colleagues, and insurance providers.

Who is Move Play Grow For?  

Move Play Grow©  is designed for occupational therapists and advanced practitioners with an interdisciplinary focus who long to translate research and assessment materials into meaningful, functional, and developmentally appropriate goals in schools, clinics and/or home settings.


As a single practitioner with a broad base of knowledge, and/or as a member of a multidisciplinary team you can create goals for movement, play, sensory processing, emotional regulation, and self- care that can be individualized, easily shared, and tracked by team members including therapists, teachers, interventionists, classroom aides and parents.

Why Should You Use Move Play Grow ?

Imagine being free to devote more time to what you most love about working with children!

As a direct service provider, you can use Move Play Grow©   to  capture your sessions in the moment or document quickly between therapy sessions. No more hanging out in the office at the end of the workday writing notes for multiple clients.

As a consultant, you and your team members  can create a program that can be implemented by those with daily contact with your client. Customize your instructions for interventionists and classroom aides, add treatment ideas, and include demonstration videos. Consider creating a home program you can track jointly with parents. MPG©    allows you to assess a child’s progress across multiple settings, work closely with your client’s team, and adjust your program based on real time data. Then whenever you are ready, you can easily generate a professional progress report in minutes!

How Does Move Play Grow Work ?

MPG©  is delivered to professionals via subscription to the UnitusTI electronic data records (EDR) cloud.  This can be accessed from any device anywhere in the world!  In addition to MPG© program templates, the UnitusTI platform provides you with:

  • HIPPA compliant leading-edge data collection, staff and client management tools, email and calendar functions  built right into UnitusTI platform

  • View program center data as well as client data to make informed decisions

  • Provide reports and share relevant data securely with others

  • Track staff performance and give them collaboration tools to keep your practice on track

  • Customize data collection so you can track as much or as little as you need to keep business humming and your clients happy



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